Saturday, September 23, 2006

Open Letter To Zimbabwe


While Tsvangirai yesterday said he had been exonerated by the findings of the commission of inquiry, the rival MDC faction, headed by Arthur Mutambara, dismissed the inquiry as a “self-cleansing exercise designed to shift blame for the real crisis of undemocratic principles in the opposition to the CIO,” reported Njabulo Ncube, Chief Political Reporter for the Financial Gazette.

It is obvious that when Arthur Mutambara decided to join politics, after putting aside Robotics, he was on a ZANU P.F. payroll. Why all of a sudden is he defending the CIO; the very notorious organization of an illegal government he promised the people of Zimbabwe to remove, with the help of the main MDC faction led by Morgan Tsvangirai?

The people of Zimbabwe should now take this as the reason why Mutambara decided to join this other faction instead of presenting himself to Tsvangirai as fresh brains ready for lawful assignments against Robert Mugabe’s illegal government. Even if some unruly supporters from Morgan Tsvangirai’s faction had committed this hideous crime on Mrs. Stevenson, a more diplomatic way of rooting both factions of such elements would have supported why some people refer to Arthur Mutambara as educated. Let me remind you that the word ‘educated’ is relative when it comes to describing a human being’s opinion. The meaning of the word educated depends on the subject or topic that person is discussing and not how many university degrees that particular individual has.

The illegal President Mugabe of Zimbabwe has reportedly more than seven university degrees, which I now personally think ‘seven’ was degrees Celsius; the temperature his (Mugabe’s) balls are now below body temperature after he was tortured by the Smith regime - an overlook which has caused so much suffering to many Zimbabweans at home and in diaspora, supported by the following media and individual reports just to name a few:
1. THE Daily Mirror newspaper has launched a rabid campaign against New after its publisher and Vice President Joyce Mujuru were sensationally named in a rape scandal.
2. THE Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Sikhanyiso Duke Ndlovu, struck and killed a pedestrian but failed to stop to help, a court heard. However, there were concerns for the prosecution when its lead witness failed to turn up. If Ndlovu's prosecution proves unsuccessful due to the witness's apparent reluctance to testify, it will add to a list of high profile figures who have escaped prosecution after car accidents -- including the Speaker of Parliament John Nkomo who paid off a victim's family.
3. ZIMBABWEAN police have stepped in to stop a blazing row between two cabinet ministers after one of them appeared to blame the other for the growing incidents of stock theft in Insiza, Matabeleland South.
4. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has poured cold water over a debate regarding his succession, calling the issue a "nonsensical thing".
5. ALTHOUGH victims of Zimbabwe's recent urban clean-up campaign remain in desperate need of humanitarian assistance, the government has rejected offers of help from the United Nations (UN). UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's spokesman said in a
statement that Annan was "deeply concerned by the humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe" and disturbed by the continued suffering.

The masses of Zimbabwe should now understand why Arthur Mutambara could not join Morgan Tsvangirai’s faction. It is either because Mutambara is a CIO agent (same problem in diaspora’s MDC organizations) or he considers Tsvangirai uneducated. I know I am right on at least one of these two reasons if not both. Arthur Mutambara should put this in his robotic head that Morgan Tsvangirai is more educated than him in running for presidency and that Tsvangirai has shown a lot of improvement since my last article. Tsvangirai said his party would go through “intensive leadership analysis and scrutiny” in light of the findings of the commission. He also said he did not agree with all the findings of the commission-does this statement from Morgan Tsvangirai (from the Financila Gazette’s reporter, Njabulo Ncube) not show improvement? It sure does.

Reads part of the findings: “All evidence points to the involvement of the CIO. The attack was carried out by or with the involvement of the CIO who she believes have infiltrated the Tsvangirai-led MDC. She (Stevenson) did not seem to have considered the possibility that her own grouping had been infiltrated, although it is a real possibility. The presence of a police motor vehicle soon after the attack is suspicious.”

The above excerpt from Njabulo Ncube, Chief Political Reporter for the Financial Gazette, on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 further shows the discord in Mutambara’s Robotics Institution. It is crystal clear that Mrs. Stevenson (Mutambara’s faction) is pointing her fingers at the CIO not at Morgan Tsvangirai’s supporters.

It is now up to Morgan Tsvangirai to see whether he can do a proper job under the current Zimbabwean conditions, especially after Dydimus Mutasa warned MDC against setting up their own state within Zimbabwe, of which he (Mutasa) said he would prepare the ZANU P.F machinery to meet MDC accordingly. As far as I am concerned no one is prepared to meet that machinery yet. We need help in all departments, not only one and that includes you been shown the tricks and shrewdness of African politics.

Morgan Tsvangirai should seek help from outside before we reach the point of no return. Tsvangirai has the mandate to do so from the people of Zimbabwe. More people are dying through bad governance; there is lawlessness which will also affect anyone who is going to take over in future. The Gonos (Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe) prefer to exercise their trades for the love of money and corruption under Mugabe. I honestly wish Joshua M. Nkomo was there because he managed to realize that he could not defeat the murderous ZANU P.F machinery, and he agreed to form a coalition government, although still Mugabe could not trust him as the only vice President. At least Joshua Nkomo’s acceptance of defeat stopped the killings in Matebeleland. Was that not the best think to do? That was noble of Joshua Nkomo. Unfortunately there is no one left alive in Matebeleland as reasonable as Joshua Nkomo. It is hard to find people like Joshua Nkoma anymore these days. The other Ndebeles joined the devil and those who did not are scared s… to lead the Ndebeles. What a shame.

The Ndebeles, the Ndau and other minorities in Zimbabwe, please do not forget that you have the right to be who you are and we need opposition, no matter what, after Joshua Nkomo, Ndabaningi Sithole and Chikerema just to name a few. I love you all.

Godwell Manyangadze.
In Diaspora


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